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LEVEL 1.01 System Wiring Diagram and Parts List

LEVEL 1.01 System Wiring Diagram and Parts List

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System wiring diagram complete with wire sizes and parts list.

So you just bought a van and don’t know where to begin, but you still want to get out and start camping. This is a great core kit to get your electrical system started. It is fully scalable/expandable when you figure out your final system design and needs.  Complete from batteries to fuse block.

The AVS LEVEL 1.01 system is a DC ONLY system based on a 100 Ah heated lithium battery 
and a Victron Blue Smart IP22 Charger.  The system includes shore power and alternator charging components, as well as system monitoring.  More info

The diagram is currently undergoing final review.  Contact AVS if you need this diagram and we will push it to the front of the line.

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