Custom Build-Out

Are you looking for a full custom built-out? We will work with you to design the van that fits your needs and budget.

Give us a call to discuss your dream van.

Let us do the complicated parts.

Converting a van can be both satisfying and intimidating.  Electrical systems, heaters, and plumbing systems require special training and tools.  We install Victron Energy electrical components and Eberspacher or Autoterm heaters to ensure reliable power and a worry-free experience. Let us tackle these jobs so you can get on with your adventures.  

Featuring Victron Energy Products

We sell and install Victron Energy components because they simply work.  Quality components backed by a world renowned company give our customers peace of mind that their van's electrical system will not let them down in the middle of nowhere.

We can install your system, or ship you the components if you want to tackle it yourself.  Most common components ship within 2-3 business days. 

We can help with system design and installation.

The number of options for equipment and configuration is staggering. Knowing which equipment to purchase and how to connect it will ensure your system works properly and is safe. Let us save you time and money lost on trial and error decisions. We can help you plan your system to fit your needs and can provide a parts list down to the last fuse.  We can bundle it up and ship it to you as a ready to install kit.  Need an inverter programmed for your battery bank before it ships?  We can help.

Looking to improve solar performance to extend your time off-grid?

Whether you want to go completely off-grid or just supplement your battery bank to extend your time between charging, we can help you optimize your equipment to fit your needs.  Solar panels paired with an MPPT solar charge controller are an excellent way to maintain your batteries while your van is parked, eliminating the need to keep it plugged into shore power.

There is nothing like a coming back to a warm van on a cold day.

We install diesel heaters, both hot air and hydronic, so you can enjoy a day on the slopes and return to a cozy van for the evening.  Eberspaecher / Espar or Autoterm depending on your needs and budget.

Let us cut a hole in your new van.

Few steps cause as much anxiety as cutting a hole in the wall or roof of your new van.  Let us take that load off of your shoulders and install your windows and fans for you.

Flatline Van CO

From roof racks to bed platforms, see us for all of you FVCo gear so you can make the most of your van.

Did you buy a DIY van and are wondering about the electrical system?

We're happy to look at your van with you and show you anything that needs to be re-done for functional or safety reasons. 

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