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LEVEL 3.01 System Wiring Diagram and Parts List

LEVEL 3.01 System Wiring Diagram and Parts List

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System wiring diagram complete with wire sizes and parts list.

With a 400 Ah heated LiFePO4 battery system with and a 3000kWh / 2,400w MultiPlus II Inverter/Charger, This system is designed to support an off grid user who wants to leave the propane at home and  cook with an induction burner or toaster oven.  Expand up to 600Ah for more even more time off grid.  Complete from batteries to fuse block.

The AVS LEVEL 3.01 system is based on a 400 Ah heated lithium battery bank
and a Victron MultiPlus-II 12/3000 / 120-50 120v Inverter/Charger.  The system includes solar and alternator charging components, as well as full system monitoring.  More info

The diagram is currently undergoing final review.  Contact AVS if you need this diagram and we will push it to the front of the line.

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